Schools: Red Lake Area

We have elementary schools in Red Lake, Balmertown and Ear Falls.

The map below will help you find out which of our Red Lake area schools’ attendance areas you reside in and what school your family would be eligible for school bus transportation to based on your address. School bus transportation in the Red Lake area is managed by the Northwestern Ontario Student Services Consortium and families are encouraged to visit the Consortium’s website at for more information on school bus eligibility.

To use the map below, just put your mouse over top of the map and click on any of the attendance areas for more information.

Red Lake-Madsen Public School

If you live in this region, you reside in Red Lake-Madsen Public School’s attendance area.

Golden Learning Centre

If you live in this region, you reside in Golden Learning Centre’s attendance area.

Ear Falls Public School

If you live in this region, you reside in Ear Falls Public School’s attendance area.

Ear Falls Public School

Ear Falls Public School is a Kindergarten to Grade 8 school that serves the communities of Ear Falls and Wabauskang First Nations.

At Ear Falls we believe in hard work, ownership of actions and behaviours, trying our best (taking risks), and that we are a family of learners who are all unique and learn in different ways.

Our students and staff are honest and respectful, resilient, creative, curious and determined. We offer a variety of programming to meet the needs of a diverse student population.

Our Kindergarten program is strength based, meaning our days and lessons are guided by the interests of our students. Bringing their interests into the classroom improves engagement and allows them to explore their passions, something that’s very important to our staff.

Stop in and visit the next time you go by, we’d love to meet you and your family!

Golden Learning Centre

Golden Learning Centre Public School is located in the mining community of Balmertown.  We serve the communities of Balmertown, Cochenour, McKenzie Island, and the northern side of the Chukuni River subdivision.

We are committed to providing students with authentic and relevant learning experiences for all ages.  We endeavour to connect our students to the real world and the issues that evolve daily.  Last school year Golden Learning Centre completed our journey into becoming an Eco Certified School for the fifth year!  Although this is a huge challenge, staff, students and school council are committed to continuous improvement in the areas of waste management, energy consumption, and greening our school grounds.

Our parents can’t say enough about our Kindergarten programs and are amazed at all that their children are learning. We celebrate our students’ natural curiosity and often take their learning outside, making use of our outdoor classroom and school garden. Our dedicated staff go above and beyond for our students, allowing their interests to guide learning throughout the school day.

Come meet our staff and find out more about our programming!

Red Lake-Madsen Public School

Red Lake-Madsen is a Kindergarten to Grade 8 school located in the heart of Red Lake. We serve the communities of Red Lake, Madsen and Starratt-Olsen, as well as neighboring and Northern First Nation communities.

We strive to provide a safe, encouraging and respectful learning environment for our students. Our goal is to establish a culture of teaching and learning to support the “whole” student and to better support all students to independently demonstrate higher order and critical thinking.  We foster a culture of high expectations for our students as we believe that each and every one of them can succeed.

Our Kindergarten program is strength based and opens the door for our students to guide their own learning. Our Kindergarten staff ensure our students feel safe and nurtured so they feel safe to take risks in their own learning. We take a family approach to education and involve our Kindergarten students in school events and activities.

Above all, we love our students.  We are grateful for our parents, our community and our Board who supports us as we do our important work with students.
We hope you’ll stop in for a visit!