Now that you’ve selected your KPDSB school, you’re ready to start the registration process!

Children born in 2014 can start Kindergarten in the fall of 2018. Please use the links below to register for Kindergarten online for the fall (2018-2019 school year). Should you wish to register now using our traditional registration form, please click here to download the form. Just fill it out and bring it into our school at any time to register!

Step 1


Create a KPDSB account—this makes registration easier, as the form will save your information in case you need to walk away and come back later. We know parents of little ones are busy! This also ensures that your child’s personal information is safe.

Click here to create your account!

Step 2

Fill Out

Click the activation link sent to your email to verify your address, and follow the on-screen prompts to log on.

Under ‘Student’ in the top left, select ‘Online Forms’. Choose the form for English or French Kindergarten programming and select ‘Start’.

Step 3


Fill out the form. Remember, the form saves every keystroke automatically, so you can leave and return to the form later.

Once you’ve completed the form you can hit ‘Submit’ in the bottom right corner.

Congratulations! Your child is on his or her way to Kindergarten this fall!

Already have a child attending a KPDSB school?

If you have a son or daughter already attending a KPDSB school, your account may have already been created and you simply need to set a password! Click here to start the registration process with a new password. Continue from Step 2 above!

Families also have the option of registering in person at the school using a paper copy of our form. You can visit our website to download a PDF version of the form and fill it out at home.